In addition to first-class equipment and machinery, W&H offers its customers an extensive range of service facilities and technical support.

IDC (Information & Diagnostic Center)
All customers receive 24/7 access to our IDC center, free-of-charge. Just dial 1-800-854-8702. If a problem arises with your equipment, our IDC experts are able to identify and troubleshoot the problem over the phone. Most problems are resolved in just one call, without the need to dispatch a technician to the site.

Field Service
If a problem cannot be resolved by our IDC center, a field service technician will be sent to the customer’s facility to troubleshoot the situation on-site.  Our highly qualified field service engineers are also available to attend to other tasks, such as planned maintenance and repair, as well as to provide expert advice as needed. 

W&H offers our customers several levels of training at our 43,000 sq. ft. Technology Center in Germany, and also on-site at the customer’s plant. Our training is designed to match the participants’ knowledge and skill-level to suit our machines. Our classes are designed for the training of machine operators, shift supervisors, job preparation personnel, electricians, maintenance personnel, and anyone whose job has a direct influence on your equipment and the way it performs. 

Machine Relocation
When needed, W&H is able to arrange the relocation of their machinery within the same facility or to another location. Our expertise ranges from project engineering and planning (including cost calculation and schedule planning) to logistical implementation.

Equipment Upgrades
W&H offers a number of retrofit solutions and packages to maintain or increase a machine’s performance capability or alternatively, to enable the production of a new product.