Easy Modules

Easy Modules


The EASY modules as well as the TURBOCLEAN automatic ink supply and wash-up system are the results of extensive field-oriented research and development. The modules are geared not only to support and facilitate the press operator's work, but at the same time to economize on resources and to reduce waste as well as make-ready time significantly.

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To facilitate and accelerate press start-up, EASY-SET HD can be integrated into all W&H flexo printing presses. EASY-SET HD provides automatic impression setting of anilox rolls and plate cylinders in the shortest time possible, giving fast production start-up, reduced waste and accurate, reproducible settings. In addition, high resolution images of the plate topography are possible. EASY-SET HD offers significant advantages, such as quick restart of the press, minimum waste, and repeatable roll positioning.

Push and go: Easy to operate – printed image data is generated from the actual print. The system does not use register marks. On-hand plate carriers can be used without a problem.



EASY-REG is an ideal supplement to EASY-SET HD. EASY-REG receives the data for lateral and longitudinal register setting directly from the EASY line camera system.

Fast register setting combined with optimized anilox roll to plate cylinder pressure adjustment, perfectly matched and integrated into the overall press control system offers definite advantages.



In today's printing, color matching requires a large chunk of the set up time.

To simplify this process, W&H developed EASY-COL color matching technology. This new module allows the press operator to make fast and reliable color adjustments and to further reduce waste. Color data can be calculated and the correct ink quantities for the job can be accurately mixed at the press.

Color deviations can be accurately measured and corrected automatically regardless of the operator's skill. At any early stage, EASY COL can determine the ink consumption for the job, thus reducing the amount of residual ink.



EASY-VIEW uses EASY line scan camera information displaying the printed impression on a flat screen. The usual web-video units and web scanning systems are no longer necessary.



EASY-SYNC sets the pre-register quickly for rotogravure production. All print cylinders are automatically scanned and then set within the automatic register control gates.

Short set-up times and minimum waste during job change-overs on the HELIOSTAR – the significant competitive advantage in today’s trend to evershorter runs.



Ink change in less than 4 minutes on all decks – clean, user-friendly and reliable. The effectiveness of the TURBOCLEAN wash up system has made it standard equipment on W&H's flexographic presses. TURBOCLEAN with VISCOCONTROL viscosity control is also available with the new HELIOSTAR S gravure press.

Apart from wash-up of the complete ink supply system, accurate and reliable supply of water or solvent inks to the deck is critical for superior print quality. Special diaphragm pumps smoothly circulate the ink with minimum pulsation through the system, without foaming, for superior anilox roll inking.

With a variety of programs, the system can be set up precisely to your inking and wash-up requirements for maximum productivity.


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