TRANSYSTEMS automated material flow elements provide the logistic interconnection of tubers and bottomers. Storage conveyors ensure that the bottomer is constantly supplied with tubes. With the optional EASY-FLOW software package, TRANSYSTEMS becomes a smart tube transport- and storage system, that automatically optimizes the production rate of the paper sack line.

Backed by a Local Area Network (LAN) and a separate data server, EASY-FLOW monitors available storage space to generate appropriate speed recommendations for the connected machinery. At the same time, it takes into account the current speeds of tuber and bottomer as well as roll- or job changes. Combining this information, the system is able to forecast remaining production time and development of scrap volume.

Downstream of the bottomer, TRANSYSTEMS elements feed the sack packets to the ARCOMAT 3+ robot palletizer.

Technical specifications:

Tube length 32 – 165 cm (12.6" – 65.0")
Tube width 18 – 74 cm (7.1" – 29.1")
Sack length 25 – 138 cm (9.8" – 54.3")
Sack width 18 – 74 cm (7.1" – 29.1")
Packet frequency with hands of tubes max. 8/min
Packet frequency with hands of sacks max. 33/min
More features

Advantages include:

  • Increased productivity through higher bottomer output, labour savings and reduction of capital tied up in intermediate products.
  • Space saving configuration and protection of intermediate and finished products against damage during in-plant handling and transport.
  • Elimination of monotonous and physically hard work. Reduced health related expenditure.
  • Flexible adaptation to on site installation conditions. Almost unlimited add-on capability, including older machines as well as machines not manufactured by W&H.

Important: The advantages of TRANSYSTEMS are not confined to new installations. Added to existing production lines, the automation elements have proved to increase productivity, open up additional production reserves, and optimise cost structures.


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