Energy Efficiency

Thanks to advanced methods of mechanical engineering, state-of-the-art control and drive technology, as well as intelligent software, our machines achieve very low specific energy consumptions.


Reduction of the energy consumption during printing by means of an optimized two-circuit drying system.
Reduction of energy input by optimized hot-air sealig units at the bottomers.
Support the energy optimization process by consumption measuring.

Raw Material Efficiency

Our machines and production lines stand out due to highest output and perfect quality of the products produced, at the same time preventing or minimizing start-up and production waste supported by the utilization of technology for optimized raw material use.


Reduction of production waste by shorter purging times of the die head for blown film production.
Reduction of the glue consumption by optimized control of the glue quantity (DIGITAL PASTING) at converting machines.
Reduction of start-up waste at printing presses through special sensor systems for proof printing.


While working on minimizing as much as possible the CO2 footprint of our machines and the products produced, we care about an effective containment of the emissions generated at the same time. This is achieved by efficient encapsulations, closed circuits and intelligent process control systems.

Optimized washing system for printing presses for reduction of ink loss and solvent consumption.
Encapsulation of colour decks for reduction of noise and solvent emmissions.