CEO Statement

Greenovation stands for ‚Green Innovation’ and is the unambiguous commitment of W&H to equal coexistence of innovation and environment protection. The well-balanced consideration of both aspects coins our definition of sustainability.

For us the conservation of resources is the key term for sustainability and the guiding principle for the design of our production processes and products. Having said this, we do not only concentrate on the efficient use of energies, but we see our ecological responsibility also in the prevention of production waste and reduction of emmissions.

Our product policy focusses on efficiency, functionality and longevity.

This comprehensive approach towards sustainability is an important part of our mission statement.

Dr. Jürgen Vutz
(Chairman of the Board / CEO)

Strategy and Objectives

  • W&H undertakes to orientate its business processes towards the idea of ecological, economical and social sustainability
  • For us, the commitment to sustainability does not conflict the strive for profitable growth, because innovation leads to improved efficiency

We will:

  • Put a premium on the development of resource-saving and operator-friendly technical solutions.
  • Underline our commitment and earnestness in the pursuit of a sustainable business strategy by the label „Greenovation“